This has been a tough election. Our country is as divided as ever. Half the country is ecstatic and the other half is in fear. We have democrats vs. republicans and conservatives vs. progressives. While traditional values will seemingly be on the rise in America. The church has seemed to forgotten the marginalized in our society while at the same time raising the idol flag of nationalism. It’s good that traditional values will make their way again but let’s not forget to tend to the wounded. After all, it’s God’s kindness that leads them to repentance. As Christians we need to be the voice to the voiceless. God is doing something in the world and he wants us to participate in that.

He doesn’t see black or white but, he see’s red which is the blood of His son, Jesus Christ…

that took away the sin of the world as he was crushed for our inequity, beaten beyond recognition, and died a death that we deserved. Politics is not the answer. Jesus is. He was for the poor, the downtrodden, the forgotten ones, the widow, the orphan, the helpless, the hopeless. 

“its not a specific political party and it is not the person who sits in a chair at the Whitehouse but He who sits on a throne in heaven who can save us.”