I serve at my church as an associate pastor. God has been laying on my heart to pursue a senior pastor position. The last few years I have heard people say to me “you are going to be a good pastor”. Here are 3 things that come to mind when I hear that.

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is that “I AM ALREADY A PASTOR”. So for you tell me I am going to be a good pastor belittles the ministry I am currently doing. A youth or associate pastor is as much of a pastor as the senior pastor is and yet they are often forgotten about when pastor appreciation month rolls along…
  2. The second thing I think of when someone tells me I am going to be a good pastor is that I don’t want to be “good”. I want to be great and I know to do this I must be a servant to all. I am not a pastor to just a congregation but, to a community. I strive for excellence in all I do. In whatever I do I want to be the best at it. Being good just isn’t good enough for me.
  3. The third thing I think about it is just how blessed I am to be burdened by this call. That out of everyone God could of called, he called me. I am truly humbled not to just know God but to serve him in such a way as being a Shepherd to lead His sheep into a deeper relationship with Him.