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As I was reading today in the book of Genesis I stumbled upon the word “vault” as it is mentioned in the “NIV” translation. In other versions it is mentioned as a firmenant. The Hebrew conception.—Above the spherical earth was stretched out the “firmament” (rāḳīa‛) made on the second day of creation to “divide the waters from the waters” (Gen 1:6). To the Hebrews the “firmament” was the apparent void above, in which clouds float and the lights of heaven pursue their appointed paths. 

When we think of a vault we think of something that we keep our most treasured possessions in and are locked inside. We know Jesus said wherever our heart is also lies where our treasure is and that the kingdom of heaven is something that is inside every believer. As Jesus said when he taught his disciples to pray “on earth as it is in heaven”. 

“The kingdom of heaven is a vault filled with treasures that we must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the secret things of God”