Scripture: Genesis 46:2-2 God spoke to him in a vision at night and called, “Jacob, Jacob!” “Yes, here I am,” he answered.

Observation:  Jacob is removing to Egypt from Beer-sheba, which means “well of oath” and this is where he offered sacrifices to God. He speaks to Jacob in a vision and tells him to go down to Egypt. His response when he first hears God speak is “Here am I” that is the same response we heard from another Old Testament man named Isaiah who said “Here am I” Isaiah was a man of unclean lips who was commissioned by God and prophesized boldly in His name. I see the situation of Isaiah and this one of Jacob as parallel to some of the situations of the disciples, who had the physical presence of God himself, the Word of God incarnate, who was standing right beside them. He was physically touching them and breathing in their midst. He called  people to “Come, and follow me” they dropped their buisness, family, etc..whatever they had it what dropped to follow God in order to come and follow him.
Application: Today, we don’t usually hear an audible voice from God but, it is possible. I remember one evening I was sleeping and I was woke up by this strong yet, sensitive voice that I could just picture by it’s tone smiling at me, call my name. I immediately rose up from my bed to see who called me. I thought it was my mom or my brother but, no one was home. All I heard was “Scott”. I came to the conclusion that the Lord was speaking to me so I answered back yes, Lord your servant is listening. Are we willing to listen to God and follow wherever he leads us no matter what we have to sacrifice to him? God’s Son laid down his very own life. We might not hear God audilbly, have the opportunity to be in the physical presence of the Lord but, God has given us the Holy Spirit as a comforter and guide who will lead us into all truth. We just need to have hearts sensitive to hearing his voice, obbeying it, and following God wherever He leads us.
Prayer: Lord, let your will be done and not my own. Speak to me Lord and allow the fragrance of my perfume of life be a sweet smell. Create in me a clean heart and help me discern your voice from the world’s. I pray that no matter the distance, no matter how far you want me to go that I will be open to your calling. I pray this in your name, in Jesus name. Amen.
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